stuck folding seatback

David Pertuz davidpertuz at
Sun Jul 3 12:12:40 CDT 2005

Well, though Wayne's right that the CoG of activity went to the forum, the
list isn't quite dead - at least not lately. I am with him in preferring
the list, though. I'm a young fogey, I guess. (Maaaaaaatloooooock!!!!!)

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the folding seatback on my G20
unstuck? One half works fine, the other half won't unlatch. The mechanism
is really simple and you can easily see how it works with the back down,
but despite all the wiggling I've done I can't get the other hald fo
unlatch. It doesn't appear that just unbolting the hinge is doable, either.

It is sort of annoying because on days like today when my GF goes biking
with me and I have to put a bike in the trunk (only one mount on the roof
rack) I have to take both wheels off to fit it in.


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