utilitycow at verizon.net utilitycow at verizon.net
Sat Jul 2 22:57:39 CDT 2005

hello list. i'm back. got another nx on jackstands in my garage to replace the one the ex-wife wrecked. got a new wife too. i'm looking at buying a 200 with bluebird conversion. i'm mostly interested in the engine. the car is worthless, vandalized, wet interior, no stereo, etc. the motor seems complete, although the recirc valve and intercooler were stolen so i can't get it running without some trouble.

back to my point, anyone in the tampa area seen this thing? maybe got some history? anyone in the tampa area on the list? there were. been a while. it's black with jim wolf banner on the windshield.

somewhat se-r related

matt tampa,fl
92 nx wrecked with a lot of parts
92 nx on 'stands

ps jay whitely still around?

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