[OT] Max transmission woes, Pt 2

Jim Wright wrightj at apple.com
Tue Mar 15 21:04:01 CST 2005

Ok, the plot thickens.  Today, we bought a '01 Quest SE (had to keep
with Nissan), and of course they wouldn't give squat for a trade in, so
I ended up driving the '91 Max home.  On the way there, my wife had to
drive it in D2 as D wasn't apparently shifting properly and the tach
was way high, but D2 was much better.

So, I'm driving it home, and D2 seems like a normal D2, so I drop it
into D, and that seems fine as well.  I finally get onto our street,
and decide to try Reverse just for grins, and wouldn't you know, it
worked fine!  Neutral works again too!  What the heck?

So, obviously there isn't anything broken, though there may still be
something loose?  I hate automatic transmissions...  Anyone have any
thoughts based on this new info?  Could it be as simple as needing the
tranny fluid flushed?  All we've ever done is top it off over the
years, as I've heard you shouldn't drain an auto tranny.

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