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Mon Nov 29 12:29:46 CST 2004

I have a '95 G20 auto that I use for commuting to/from work.  It has about 150K on it.  Three or four months back it developed a slightly rough idle.  Just after the first symptoms appeared, I had to loan the car temporarily to my son.  I just got the car back last week and the problem is now so bad that I can barely drive the car.

Here are the symptoms:

1.  Engine "cold" (I live in a warm weather climate):  After starting the car if it is put in drive or reverse, the rpm will fluctuate wildly between a few rpm to 1-2K rpm before stalling.  The only way to keep the car from stalling when in gear is to give it lots of gas.  Even then, it is touch and go.

2. Engine is hot:  Very rough idle (nearly stalls), especially when in drive or reverse with the brake on, such as at a stoplight.

The check engine light is NOT on.  The plugs (Pt), wires (Nissan), cap & rotor, air filter, and fuel filter (Wix) are relatively new (i.e., replaced within the last 10-30K).  I checked the vacuum hoses and they appear to be ok.  I cleaned the egr valve recently for a different reason.  Also, I have regularly cleaned the throttle body and will do it again this weekend but I don't think this is the problem.

Any suggestions for diagnosing this problem would be very much appreciated.


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