[ma-serca] Passenger Side G20 Axle removal

Ivan Chou ichou at sdf.lonestar.org
Sat Jul 17 12:20:43 CDT 2004

Hey Alex,

I had a b*tch of a time getting this passenger side out on the G20.  It's
worlds easier on the B13.  You can get the support bearing bracket out
easily on the B13, but on the P10 it's sandwiched behind a bracket that's
attached to the engine at 4 points. :(  The solution is to leave the
support bearing bracket alone, and just bang the axle out of the bracket
until it slides out freely (used plenty of Pb blaster here). Here is a
related thread on G20.net:



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> Subject: [ma-serca] Passenger Side G20 Axle removal

> Im in a bind..
> For the life of me, i cannot seem to get the passenger side axle out of my
> G20.  Any words of wisdom or tricks here?  Right now i have tried just  about
> everything i can think of.

> Alex

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