2005 Convention

Michael Jez 93SER at attbi.com
Wed Jun 2 07:26:58 CDT 2004

> John Paul Johnson has the imperative to confirm a Chicago-area track for
> year by June 30.  If he can't, I promised to begin negotiating for Texas
> Speedway.

I live in Chicago also, but I don't see if any of the local tracks are safe
enough for the begginers. As there isn't much runoff area and there are
trees and walls close to the track itself- on some of the local tracks.
Blackhawk Farms comes to mind as its a 1 mile track. Unless John is trying
to secure Gingerman which is a very safe track. I should finally come to
this convention as I missed 3 in a row now....
Mike Jez
01 Max, power-229WHP, corner weight suspension-check, 13" 4 piston brake
setup- check.
93 G20 SR20DET

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