Wheel Bearing Question

Josh Foster jfoster at hoelscherengr.com
Fri Apr 30 16:57:07 CDT 2004


I've read posts stating that if you remove the axles from the hub, and then
roll the car "around" that this will increase the likelihood of wheel
bearing failure.  Does anyone have experience with removing the axles, and
putting the wheels back on without moving the car impacting the wheel
bearings?  The reason I ask is that I just purchased a parts SE-R, and I'm
going to pull the tranny/axles this weekend; but I will not have the chance
to remove the rest of the suspension for a couple weeks, and I don't want
the car on jackstands the whole time.



Josh Foster
'92 SE-R (5 spd) - daily driver
'92 NX2000 (auto) - needs motor & 5 speed.
'91 SE-R (5 spd) - parts car.

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