Strange problems after Outlaw spacer install.

Jay Whitely jwhitely2000 at
Sat Apr 17 13:45:01 CDT 2004

> I guess the problem I'm having is that the idle is

> A) Wildly erratic ~3-500rpm 'hunting' on cold start.

> B) Everything seemed fine, but as the ECU
> adjusts to however it is, I'm finding a race
> condition.  When I take my foot off the gas,
> it's idling high - 2000rpm+ when cold, and
> after a little spirited driving, over 4000!

***IIRC, the Outlaw Engineering kit also provides a
spacer plate for the throttle body, according to the
pics I have seen.  Depending on how thick that spacer
is (if there is one), this will increase the tension
of your throttle cable and will cause a high idle.
Try this: loosen the throttle cable adjust nutsso
there is a lot of slack in the cable and see what
happens.  If this does not help, try either adjusting
the AAC valve or you can adjust the throttle stop
screw on the throttle body as a last resort.

Good luck,

Jay Whitely
Tampa, FL
1996 200SX SE-R
GTi-R powered, F-MAX Stage 2

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