cruise control fixed!

KIERAN A. LAVIN kal8121 at
Sat Apr 17 11:29:50 CDT 2004

Well, aside from a small issue but I'll get to that at the end.  As I
mentioned last week, that little nub on the throttle/ASCD drums was bent:

I installed the new drum assembly and the cruise now works!  However, it
only works above 55?  Weird because I know the *LIGHT* on the dash has
come on in that car before around 30 so I know it'll work that low.  Any
ideas?  I don't remember seeing anything about the cruise not engaging at
lower speeds when I looked through the diagnostic procedure so
help/suggestions would be appreciated (again ;)  At least the cruise works
for highway driving and that's the MOST important part.

Thanks to Brad Richards for sending a spare drum assembly he had sitting
around.  While he seems to be a real lurker on the list, he's a great guy
and he needs to come to more geekouts and hang out with us this summer!  I
could not figure out how the cables attached to the drum assembly and
where the whole drum assembly actually mounts without that spare piece.
It was driving me nuts!  I'm going to try to bend the nub back and see if
I can't have a spare in case this happens somehow to someone else


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