Your wisdom on REFERENCE Texts for TUNING etc.

davidpertuz at davidpertuz at
Fri Apr 16 10:44:35 CDT 2004

1. Engines General  (Principles, Design, Operation, Setup, Performance

I know of a couple of these but not off the top of my head.

one set of books that is very good to have if you do a lot of serious investigating,
or getting into racing, or are merely a curious otter, are the Carroll Smith books (Prepare/Race/Engineer/Tune/Screw To Win). It is a little bit out of date on some
things but is great for fundamentals.

If you want to learn everything you'll ever need to know, and more, about vehicle
dynamics, try the Milliken book. It will be a bit difficult if you are not techincally
minded and literate by nature, though.


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