Canceled Car Insurance

Steve Baune sbaune at
Wed Apr 14 15:37:15 CDT 2004

Earlier this month I had a minor incident with my SE-R, it rolled down my
driveway. I took it to the American Family claims office to get an estimate,
after the guy looked at my car, he came out and gave me a check for $228.34
for the damage, no option not to file the claim. This past week I get a
notice from American Family telling me that my policy is being canceled on
May 13th. The reason on the notice is "THIS IS BECAUSE YOUR VEHICLE HAS BEEN
MODIFIED FOR HIGH SPEED DRIVING" I contacted my agent and was told that any
car that has modifications that increase HP can not be insured.

Has anyone else ever heard of this? The car is insured in Oregon, I don't
know if it's an Oregon thing or if it's happening in other parts of the
country as well. My brother heard that people in Canada are having the same
problems up there.

I've had my Insurance through them since 1985, and this is the thanks I get
for being a loyal customer.

Steve Baune
'96 200SX SE-R
'99 G20t
'00 Xterra
'90 240SX
All with mod's

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