Alternate brake calipers

Wayne wmc_sr20 at
Tue Apr 13 09:33:02 CDT 2004

Hey Y'all...

Brake discussion reminded me of one I've been meaning to ask:

Has anyone ever investigated if brakes from different makes of cars will
fit as a direct bolt on?   Like the NX brakes but more readily
available?  I know guys are swapping Maxie & Altima parts, but those
require drilling rotors and other crap.

I've noticed other cars, eg:  DSMs and Saturns also have calipers with an
AD-xx designation, and the same 3-triangle logo (who is that?  Sumitomo
maybe?)  Seems like there's a good chance there's a commonly available
direct bolt on big brake kit you could probably get cheap at any Auto Zone
if we knew what to ask for.

I bought a Haynes manual for the DSMs to work on a friend's car; and some
of those apparently had dual or quad -piston front calipers that were

Bet'ch a lot of those other cars have a better selection of h-po pads
available, too.

    -Wayne    '93 SE-R / '93 NK2k / '91 NX2k / '92 SE-R (in boxes & bags)

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