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B K ndskyz at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 13 09:17:43 CDT 2004

Hey people
Coming out of lurk mode here.
I've been having this problem with my car stalling and bucking for no
apparent reason. So I've read all the threads on Fuel pumps and even went
through the Engine Driveabilty DGN PDF file that was posted a while back.I
've done all the basic tune up stuff, and I've pulled the codes out of the
ECU and I've got three of them. One Is the coolant Temp Sensor. (Which is
what i've thought was the problem) the others are related to the EGR
Solinode and EGR Sensor. Now I have a 96 200 with a JDM High port motor in
it. My check engine light came on shortly after doing the swap (EGR) I was
wonderin if the Engine Coolant Sensor is the same for the two motors, and Is
there anything i need to do to get the EGR MIL light to go off. Ohio has
passed a new law, for vehicle emissions, and they will fail ANY car that
goes for testing with a enigne light on. (Doesn't matter if the car passes
emmsisions) MIL on Car fails. I vaugely remember someone saying that JWT can
reprogram and ECU not too look for the EGR stuff. Is that correct?

Bryan King
Cincinnati Ohio
96 200SX SE-R <-- Daily Drvier
02' S/C Fronty CC LB <-Toy hauler
00' ZX-7R <-- Track bike/ Toy
01' ZX-6R <-- Daily rider

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