Master Cylinder Part

Josh Foster jfoster at
Mon Apr 12 12:21:27 CDT 2004

Hey list,

Hopefully someone can help me out with something.  I changed my master
cylinder over the weekend, and my reman did not come with the little 22mm
"hex" items on it.  I grabbed them off of my NX (NX MC onto my SE-R) since
the SE-R and NX are diff't, but what exactly are they?  I think it is some
kind of proportioning/metering valve, but I can't find them listed in the
Nissan FAST to compare part numbers for replacements.  I checked a generic
FSM that I have a work, but I can't find a picture with a name.



Josh Foster
'92 SE-R
'92 NX2000 - needs help.

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