Re-wired headlights from 99 B14 to a 98 B14

Ray Sta.Juana raystajuana at
Sun Apr 11 14:21:11 CDT 2004

If you don't remember I retrofitted the clear headlights off a 99 Sentra
SE-L onto my 98 Sentra SE and swapped the two power wires for the high and
low beam. They work but I have a question.

When I turn on the headlights and on the low beam position, the high beam
indicator on the dash is on but very faintly and the illumination from the
headlights is less than what I used to have. I thought that the 9007 bulb
was brighter than the 9004? I'm using the same exact brand of bulb as I used
to have (Sylvania Xtravision) so there should be a direct comparison between
bulbs. The high beam works as it should so I'm not sure whats up. I don't
think I crossed the wires as it's very obvious and simple which wire is
which. Any ideas?

Ray S
98 Sentra SE w/mods
04 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

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