what is wrong with my G's engine?

Lawrence Weeks dev at anabasis.net
Sat Apr 10 21:45:06 CDT 2004

Once upon a time (Sat Apr 10), David Pertuz wrote:

> Bought a G20. On the way home I find that it has...an issue!
> [ ... ] Before I got it, radiator neck cracked, engine got hot,
> when rad. was replaced the head was taken off and shaved and the
> head gasket replaced. [ ... ] It uses a lot of oil - like a quart
> every few hundred miles, apparently.


No oil in the coolant? You say no smoke to speak of, but lots of oil
outside of the engine. I'd do due diligence: really scrub down and
clean the engine with some wire brushes, rags and such, remove the
valve cover, clean there, examine the gasket, replace if necessary,
new goop, torque stuff. You mention idle: check the PCV hose for any
cracks too... if it is old and hard/brittle, replace that.

Also, is there much oil on the front cover? You had that main pulley
issue. Have you pulled & replaced that pulley yet? Much oil there? It's
quite possible that seal is leaking as well.

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