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>Not only did vacuum to the actuator work, it wouldn't let loose when I
>removed negative to the pin the FSM told me to (#4 I think at the harness
>to the pump)

That should hold for 50~ 60 second. Remove pin 1 and it should release

>>One more thing; are you sure the speed sensor works properly?

>This is one thing I'm not 100% sure on... the FSM tells you to connect the
>multimeter to two different pins in the brain harness and jack the car up
>and spin the wheels.  It then tells you to "look for deflection"  What the
>hell does that mean?!?

It has to be an analog volt meter (needle type).
Does you speedo needle bounce at all, or is it smooth at all speeds.
If yours is one that bounces around, you probably need to replace the
speedo cable.
This little bit of bounce is enough to throw off the signal to the
control unit, and it won't accept it.

>thanks for the input... gives me some ideas on things to check!

No problem Kieran. Glad to help.

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