shift knob for 92 G20

Jon Pennington cowboydren at
Mon Apr 5 19:56:13 CDT 2004

Patrick Cable II said:

>     Where can I get a new shifter knob for my Infiniti G20 that fits?
> The leather one that came with it is peeling and such, and i'd like
> to get a newer one.

Most of the Nissan OEM knobs have the same thread.  If you want some
Bling, NISMO knobs are a direct fit.  I believe it's an M10*1.5mm fitting,
but don't quote me.  Just pick one you like, and avoid the ones that use a
set screw to affix.

You could probably call up somebody like Scottsdale Infiniti and get an
original knob, but a NISMO knob may wind up being cheaper. :)

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