looking for info re: pulley alignment, oil leak and coolant weepage

Matt MA MA at legacypartners.com
Mon Apr 5 16:04:47 CDT 2004

>>> <davidpertuz at mindspring.com> 04/05/2004 10:42:21 AM >>>
>3) The crank pulley is misaligned - when the engine is running I can
see it
>wobbling, and when it is still it is visibly cocked. What do I need to

>Could this also cause the odd whining noise that I can hear most
>not all) of the time? The best way I can describe it is to liken it to
an EMI-
>induced whine, but it depends on engine speed and not on electronics

The crank pulley is composed of two metal parts: an outer ring and the
inner hub. The two parts are held together by rubber material. It
to me like the rubber has deteriorated and the crank pulley is starting
fall apart, hence the wobbling.

I ran my car like this for several days before I could get the crank
replaced. Mine was probably worse than yours, because I could hear a
very loud (and annoying) constant whining noise from the crank pulley
area. While replacing the crank pulley, I discovered that the water
belt was rubbing on the side of the crank pulley, which probably
the whining noise, and ended up shaving half of one of the V-grooves
on the edge of the belt.

It's probably best to replace your crank pulley and your belts as soon
possible, especially if the whining gets louder or becomes constant.
a good excuse to get a set of underdrive pulleys.

matt ma . 92 SE-R

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