cruise control

KIERAN A. LAVIN kal8121 at
Mon Apr 5 06:48:42 CDT 2004

Can someone with a 93 (preferrably an NX, in case they're different - but
I'll still take what I can get) that has working cruise control contact me
off-list?  I think I may have figured out the cruise control problem I was
having on Jen's car.  I compared her car with mine the other day (my 95
has working cruise control) and there seems to be a difference.  There are
two linkages or toggles if you will at the throttle body.  One is the
throttle cable (toward the front of the car) and the other is the cruise
or ASCD cable (toward the firewall).  On my car, when I pull the throttle
cable, it pulls the ASCD toggle as well.  On Jen's car, it doesn't.  On
her car, if I pull the ASCD cable a good bit (like a lot!) it starts to
pull the throttle cable.  I don't *THINK* I want to adjust the ASCD cable
all that much?!  I'll give it a shot but don't think it's right.  It seems
that there's something wrong with the toggles since the throttle cable
isn't pulling the ASCD wire.

For a *BIT* of history, I've gone through the entire troubleshooting
procedure per the FSM and the only thing I find that's wrong is the valve
release on the ASCD pump.  It seemed to be bad at the connection to the
pump as well as the pin at the ASCD brain.  Once again, the light comes on
and the cruise does not wind up setting.

So, anyone that can offer insight into the throttle cable/ASCD wires and
whether or not the throttle is supposed to pull the ASCD on a B13, would
be appreciated.  Pictures would be welcome as well!



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