Dyno with O2 Sensor

Berkeley and Bill Conner annapolis13315 at netzero.com
Sun Feb 22 06:53:57 CST 2004

Thanks to all who provided  input and suggestions on my unexpected power
loss problem.  Here is some follow-up information:

mike kojima wrote:

> I bet its the MAF.  Every case of msterious power loss
> and lean running I have seen so far has been because
> of a faltering MAF.

Thanks for the tip.  I had not thought of this.  My car has about 110,000
miles on it -- so it's not real high mileage, but the MAF is definitely
worth checking out.  I can follow the testing procedure in the factory
manual unless there is an easier way to test.  As a last resort, I can swap
the MAF from my 1991 SE-R into this one and see if it makes a difference.

spdracer at mail.utexas.edu wrote:

> I was going to say, it might just be a simple case of the fuel filter
> getting
> clogged.  But since the fuel pressure is okay.... maybe not.

I was going to replace the fuel filter anyway.  It has at least 40,000 miles
on it.  Pressure is one thing, but a clogged filter could still be impeding
flow, I guess.  The filter is inexpensive and should be replaced anyway.

Briancembor at aol.com wrote:

> Don't forget about winter formula gas as well...

I thought about this too.  Previous testing was done in the fall before the
weather got cold.  But I'm not sure winter fuel would promote lean running,
Anyone know what kind of power loss might be expected as a result of winter
formula fuel?

In any case, I will post again when I get this sorted out.

Bill Conner

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