WAS: Why your mom won't let you be a Rally Driver, NOW: Supertramp sample

Peter Serwe peter at easytree.net
Sat Feb 21 17:19:54 CST 2004

If that was Scooter, I'm impressed.  It sounds just
like they sampled the vocals off that famous Supertramp
song off the 'Breakfast in America' album and just
sped it up a bit.  The intonation and spacing was
too close to original IMHO, to be anything other
than a direct sample - at least for the vocal portion
of that song.  I'd *swear* Scooter didn't sing it.

I was when that stuff was popular, quite a Supertramp
fan as a young kid.  It didn't hurt that I actually lived
next door to the guy who played sax/clarinet for them
(John Heliwell) from early '81 to mid '84.

I also have a *pretty* keen ear for music,
especially rhythm/pacing/vocalization.

Michael Jez wrote:

> The artist who sings this song is Scooter,

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