Dyno with O2 Sensor

Berkeley and Bill Conner annapolis13315 at netzero.com
Sat Feb 21 13:10:14 CST 2004

Justin McClanahan wrote:

> Is this on the same dyno (or model dyno) as last time?

Thanks for the response, Justin, but yes, this is the same dyno as last
time.  I have actually been using this dyno for a couple of years to
test and verify every change that I make to the car.  I have gotten good
consistency in the past.  Also, I confirmed the power loss on a second
day but did not mention it in my first post for brevity.  And I had a
leak down test down -- the engine appears to be in excellent health.

Since my post this morning, I installed a fuel pressure gauge and the
readings at idle with and without the vacuum hose attached to the FPR
are spot on.

Bill Conner

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