question on clutch installation

Berkeley and Bill Conner annapolis13315 at
Sat Feb 21 06:28:32 CST 2004

joel wrote:

> Well then you better get one before you
> attempt to put that clutch on!

Joel is right.  You need the tool to properly align the new clutch disc as
you tighten down the pressure plate to the flywheel.  Without good
alignment, you will never be able to get the tranny back in place because
the transmission shaft won't go through the disc and into the pilot bearing
in the end of the crankshaft.  It's hard enough to get the tranny back in
when everything is lined up.  You don't want to be wresting the transmission
around trying to force it in position if things are out of alignment.

You can pick up an alignment tool at most any parts place for a few bucks.
Money well spent.  Or maybe a nearby list member has one that you can

Also, you can get some very helpful tips from Ron Chong's clutch install
page at:

Good luck with you clutch installation.

Bill Conner

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