[SoCal-SERCA] I hate the national list

Lawrence Weeks dev at anabasis.net
Thu Feb 19 12:32:54 CST 2004

Once upon a time (Wed Feb 18), Jim Wright wrote:
>From: Frank Orozco [mailto:forozco at sbcglobal.net]

>> I can't stand Larry's filtering on the national list! My success
>> rate of getting a message through is like 2%!! Arggh..

> Learn proper list etiquette... Probability of message approval
> increases tremendously once that happens.

> Always check your bounce message, it'll usually tell you what you did
> wrong.

Frank is upset because he sent a message where he:

	1) Didn't wrap his lines.
	2) Quoted a message in its entirety, including the original
	   list signature, AND didn't mark the quoted message in
	   any way.

Now 1) I understand. Lots of people use lame mail clients these days
that make it difficult, or even impossible, to wrap lines. I should
probably either drop that filter check, or set it up to automatically
wrap long lines.

But 2) is not excusable. If people are not willing to follow the very
simple and reasonable request to mark your quotes in a standard way,
and edit quotes down, then they just shouldn't expect to get a message
through. That's the entire intent of the filter. Frank has been around
long enough, he should definitely be aware of that.

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