question on clutch installation

Andy Cheung cyc5181 at
Thu Feb 19 10:11:08 CST 2004

im in the process of putting a new DET in my car(old one died), i already
removed the old engine from the engine bay along with the tranny. when i
install the clutch to the new motor, do you guys have any advice on this? as
in avoid this and that, things i need to do before installing the clutch,
etc? also, i dont have the tool to align the clutch, how can i know if i
install it correctly?

and i plan to get my OEM flywheel re-surface and lighten it a little, how
light can i go with the OEM flywheel? ive heard 14lb is the lightest i can
go, is this correct??


Andy Cheung
Houston, TX

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