Plated Rotors (yes, again)

Michael Jez 93SER at
Wed Feb 18 22:32:06 CST 2004

I run EBC rotors on my Maxima- cross drilled and slotted, I thought I was
getting the real deal- they are dimple rotors- meaning the slots are not
through the rotor, nor are the drilled holes- just like partially drilled-
but not through. They are zinc plated, and I have about 8K miles on them, no
rust anywhere- even in the winter, the downside is- these rotors still don't
feel as good as my stock rotors did, and I only got them for looks and the
plating- I hate rust. I broke my pads in the right way- Hawk HPS, I used to
run them on stock rotors and got phenomenal results with Goodridge SS lines
and Motul RBF600 fluid. I wanted to return the EBC rotors, but they won't
take em back once they been on the car. So I left them there, and they got
better, but I seriously wouldn't recomend them. I got mine from Tire Rack
through my wholesale account with them.
Mike Jez
01 Max- every mod.
93 G20 Turbo.

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