POX on OBX! Help?

Jason Nicholson jasonsnicholson at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 27 19:28:20 CST 2004

--- Peter Serwe <peter at easytree.net> wrote:
You think the OBX is going to be any more reliable for
the NE?  If it's an exact copy, then why would be any
more reliable?  Oh welds 'look' so much better.  Sure.

Pete, the OBX is an exact copy in design, not
craftmanship. First, and most notably, the OBX is SS.
Second, as MANY people noted before we knew that the
OBX copied the HS Gen3, the welds on the OBX look very
good. These to factors could potentially improve
reliablility, especially for those of us that drive in
snow & salt for 4 months of the year.

As far as not contacting Mike directly, I thought the
purpose of the forum was to share opinions &
knowledge, which are then archived to assist others at
a later time. I won't push the issue, but it seems odd
to me. I guess silence can speak volumes. I guess I'll
follow your suggestion and contact Mike directly.

Please don't misunderstand my motives. I would love to
continue to support HS. It would just be a whole lot
easier if I had more confidence in their quality.
Which leads to one last question: how much more would
it REALLY cost to make a SS version of the Gen5?  They
should have SS to use because they use it for the
turbo manifolds. Anyways, maybe the exhaust fumes are
getting to me.


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