POX on OBX! Help?

Jason Nicholson jasonsnicholson at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 26 20:57:27 CST 2004

I understand the very strong feelings that have been
expressed.  However, not one of the list members
expressing the strong feelings has addressed my
question below.  Is it too tough of a question?  I
have always looked to the very knowledgable members on
this list for advise, especially Mike K.  So, please,
tell me what you think I should do.  Thanks.


--- Jason Nicholson <jasonsnicholson at yahoo.com> wrote:
Ok, now I need some advise.  After reading everyones
thoughts about HS vs. OBX, I have a dilemma.  I live
in the very cold, salty NE.  I've had a Gen4 HS header
for just over 2 years and put about 50k miles on it.
After about 1 year it had it's first crack, at the
weld of course.  I paid a very good, well known SR20
mechanic to weld it up properly.  Four months later
the flex-pipe goes; a couple of the rings on the
inside had failed.  To fix this little problem I paid
HS another $100 for a new flex-pipe and paid my
mechanic to cut out the old one & weld in the new
one. Then, less than 6 months later, I have another
crack at a weld.  I've been living with it, an the
exhaust fumes associated with it, for over 3 months.
What exactly should I do?  So far the HS has cost me
about $600 in less than 3 years.  I would like to get
header that is SS.  BTW, when I complained to HS they
said that there was nothing they could do.  Not even
a price break if I buy a new one instead of constantly
patching my current one.

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