George Roffe geo3 at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 26 09:16:38 CST 2004

Briancembor at aol.com wrote:

>remember, it is YOUR Gov't that has continually re-
>newed China's Most Favored Nation status despite
>documented instances of out right copyright fraud
>and obvious stolen designs...

Excellent point Brian!

It's one that truly disgusts me.  I actually worry about so much of our
manufacturing going overseas.  The more you send overseas, the lower our
capacity and abilities should a *real* shooting war (non-nuke) ever break
out again.  Think about how long it took us to retool and get our
manufacturing base up to speed in WWII.

Yes, I think it's unlikely that another major shooting war will ever start
again, but the world is a crazy place, and some crazy people run
governments (not a poke at W - there are some *real* crazies out there in
power in other parts of the world).

George Roffe

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