NOx problem solved
Sun, 14 Dec 2003 15:36:18 -0600

Where is the transducer located? How do you disable and
does it affect performance if disabled?Had never heard of this.
Are you saying that the less backpressure exhaust you
have the more likely the EGR will screw up, and could cause
emission passing problems with NOX? I have a HKS Cat Back
which I think has some backpressure built in(noticed that the
muffler through pipe is angled somewhat so that some gasses
pass through the perforated core). Was thinking of changing the
muffler for a HKS Carbon Fiber more modern high flow design
used on their turbo version,a little louder too as the present
sport muffler is pretty quiet although I'm not unhappy with it.

Frank 93 SE-R

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Hi Gang:

Just thought I would report success in tracking down a NOx emissions