B13 hitch / small trailer recommendations?

Jon Davis turboser@comcast.net
Thu, 11 Dec 2003 22:13:24 -0600


I used to tow with my SER. It worked real well with the stock engine,
provided you are intelligent with the clutch and brakes. I have a hitch from
U-Haul and a 9x5 flatbed trailer. I also have a sailboat. When it quit
towing well was after the S3 cams... then the engine would try to stall
below 1500, so you had to abuse the clutch to get out of a launch ramp. Now
I tow with the Max. It is fun to get a load behind the SER and go up a big
hill. It's not too often you hear a SR20 really work like that. :)

Jon Davis