Rod bearing replacement (Update 5)

Acura Transmission God
Wed, 10 Dec 2003 23:26:37 -0600

I would think shipping wouldn't be more than 150 bux, as far as swapping the
engine in- it bolts right in, everything hooks up (CAI might not work if U
get a high port engine)- but the emissions stuff for the EGR. If your state
has no emission tests, you will be ok. I am not sure if the ECU is the same
on a 94 model. I know U can innerchange em with a 93, but not sure if the 94
ECU will throw ya a code for not having any of the emissions stuff hooked
up. I know my 93 wouldn't throw a code even if I disconnected the MAF and
drove it in limp mode ! My check engine light NEVER came on with my federal
spec ECU, but if I swapped in my spare Cali ECU, the EGR temp sensor code
would apear and my check engine light would come on. I got a EGR temp sensor
for it and code went away- only Cali spec ECUs have the EGR temp sensor on
the engine. Finding a low port engine at SOKO will be kinda hard but I seen
atleast ONE there last time I was there. Don't sweat it about the rod
bearing repleacement, just cause U tried to save the engine and failed don't
mean U dont know how to work on a car. I know how it goes when U mess up,
whole list just seems to think U are an idiot- welcome to my world. I give
ya credit for working on your own car thou ! Some people here paid to have
their turbo installed, header intstalled, some even paid to have cams
installed for them- and you are doing one of the hardest jobs ! If ya can't
do it yourself, U have no bussiness modyfing a car at all.
Mike Jez