Matt Kempe Award, driver's door hinge wear

Alfred Tirella
Sun, 9 Nov 2003 07:30:24 -0600

In the last issue of the SE-R Digest several people mentioned the Matt
Kempe Award yet surprisingly no one took the time to write a few lines
about it which would have been enlightening to some of us newcomers.
It was almost as if people were talking around it.

I have some pretty bad hinge or hinge pin wear on the driver's side door
on my '92 classic to the extent that the weight of the door in the
closed position has been resting on the u-bolt in the pillar and has
actually begun to tear the metal around the u-bolt.  Anyone out there
have any experience with changing door hinges or hinge pins, or possibly
drilling out the hinge pin holes and going to an over size pin, or
bushing the old one.  At this point the torn pillar area will have to be

Al Tirella  '91 and '92 Classics, both stock, both black