Stillen Muffler
Fri, 7 Nov 2003 15:14:46 -0600

Well, I dont post often, heck I hardly drive my SE-R . . but figured I would
post about my new Stillen Muffler.

I had a Stillen Muffler for my 91 SE-R that I got back in 93 maybe?  It
rusted out (the internals).  It lasted a good 4-5 years though.

So I figured for the ease of installation, I would try again.  I ordered last
Friday and it arrived at my door Yesterday.  neatly packaged to, not in a box
full of styrofoam chips.

I installed it this morning, and this one seems to fit better than the first
one.  Sounds nice and smooth, a little deeper than the first one I had.  This
one also is a different muffler, a little shorter with one outlet as opposed
to two for the original one. Even came with a gasket, hardware and instructions
(not that I needed them).

I hardly drive the car, its like a toy that sits in teh garage now so I
figured a nice exhaust would make it more fun to drive when I do drive it.

Ironically I just ticked over 120k miles, and it still has the original