Speeding Ticket

Remintin@aol.com Remintin@aol.com
Thu, 6 Nov 2003 21:05:16 -0600

In a message dated 11/6/2003 12:46:56 PM Eastern Standard Time,
mhunt@ecin.net writes:

> I didn't fight it because I tend to drive fast like many
> people and figured, well, time to pay the piper

Actually what Matt meant to say was..."I didn't fight it because I tend to be
lazy, and by the time I realized I could fight it I had to pay it before the
Sheriffs Dept came knocking on my door with a warrant and suspended my

And lets all be honest, Matts car reaaaaaallllly CAN'T go that fast.

Marc "Yes I drive a 99 SE that is still slower than Matts, so don't even try
that joke" Remington

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