Best of My Convention

Tue, 4 Nov 2003 05:29:28 -0600

I can't really pick a single best experience, it was all good.

Getting a chance to finally meet and talk with George, his beautiful wife
Kerry(good cookies), and Bruce.... haven't you ever wanted to personally
thank specific people for not only helping you out but being such an asset
to our community? George was a lot calmer and less smelly than I pictured
him(King Turd) and Bruce... hella funny.

Best Sport: Steve "Got Dirt?" Foltz, Steve "And we have the 180 degree view
over here" Foltz and Steve "I think Josh(his passenger on both offs) is
fecally stuck to his seat" Foltz. He heard and took them all in good faith
later that night at dinner. I'm sure the 2 manhattans helped.

Greg "I don't need no stinkin donut" Vogel. Never, ever, never buy a used
car from Enterprise... especially a Grand Am.

Hardest Worker: Eric W. The convention was super smooth... he was the main

Who Did I PO This Time?: to me. Lots of people came up and asked how I liked
my new wheels and tires, how the EGR/bleeding coolant/nice "solid" rotor
went or are doing. All information I'd discussed and asked on the mailing
list. Made me feel connected to the convention.

Heart Award: Convention participants. The way Chris's blown engine was
handled... extreme caring, class and a huge heart. "Do unto others..."

One of the best things I did for myself wasn't just talking with other
members. I did a lot of walking and listening around other groups. You
really can learn a lot from listening to others... I feel like SpongeBob

Great experience for me, as I'm sure it was for others. It made me realize
how important family is... next time I'm going to bring my "home" family
with me. I want them to experience it, too.

Just my thoroughly tired thoughts,
Mark(who will be joining the local mazda club so I can learn to autox...
don't ask)