Brakes/Track Event

Josh Foster
Fri, 24 Oct 2003 13:46:59 -0500

Hey guys,

I would like some input from more experienced people.  I am signed up for my
1st track event (at the Convention), and I was reading some of the info; and
it is recommended to bring spare brake pads.  I understand the reason, but I
don't expect to be driving as hard as more experienced drivers; so would it
still be expected to wear pads down that quickly.  I just purchased A1
Cardonne remand AD22's, and I will install this weekend; and I was planning
on running those semi-metallic pads.  Would it be recommended to purchase a
better pad for the event in lieu of the cheapies?  I image the answer to be
yes, but I wanted ask.

Also, will any sponsors (i.e. Greg @ Mossy, etc.) be bringing spare pads to
sell while at the convention?  I hate to order Axis Ultimates for $50 and
have to pay $30 for next day air shipping, or risk not getting them on time.
It would be easier to pull the wheels, put pads on, bead, and race the next

My set-up: AGX, Hyperco 2nd Gen, ES master kit, Progress Rear Bar, on Nitto
450's {don't hate on the 450's  :)  }

Josh in IL

Josh Foster
'92 SE-R