2004 SERCA elections

David Evans david@b15sentra.net
Wed, 22 Oct 2003 12:42:40 -0500

Would you like to see the SE-R community grow and prosper?  Would you like to
help make a difference for other SE-R owners?  If the answer is yes to both of
those questions and you are a current SERCA member, then you should be running
for office in the upcoming SERCA election.  We are now accepting nominations
for the 4 elected offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, and
Treasurer.  We will be accepting these nominations until November 15, 2003.
Once all the nominations are in, a ballot will be made up and mailed out to
SERCA members to cast their vote.  The new council will take office January 1,

SERCA Council duties are as follows:

1. Ensure SERCA operates within the parameters established by SERCA's By-Laws
2. Call and conduct any special meetings
3. Represent SERCA at various functions as required
4. Appoint committees as required
5. Update all members of National Club business by means of a regular written
statement or article distributed in the newsletter
6. Maintain the By-Laws, and make Amendments
7. Ensure all Officers complete their duties

Vice President:
1. Coordinate National elections
2. Assist the President in completing all his/her stated duties
3. Coordinate, maintain, and distribute a regular newsletters

1. Recording minutes at all SERCA Council meetings
2. Holding and retrieving when necessary, all legal documents pertaining to
3. Distribute an updated membership list monthly to all SERCA Club Council

1. Maintaining SERCA's current and historical financial records
2. Receiving funds for SERCA
3 Disbursing club funds as approved by the Club Council
4. Presenting the club's finances at any SERCA meeting
5. Writing Checks for SERCA, with all checks against SERCA accounts to be
counter-signed by another Club Council member
6. Update all Club Council members of the status of any and all SERCA finances,
including any divisions of funds among official SERCA Regions.
7. Maintaining all Bank Accounts that contain SERCA funds

If you are interested in running for office please send an eamil to
david@b15sentra.net with your full name and what position you would like to
run for.

David Evans

PS: I know some of the regional lists are not on this email.  If this is not
reaching one of your regional lists, please forward it onto that list.