Clutch for sale

Jay Stewart
Mon, 20 Oct 2003 15:06:50 -0500

I asked a while back about the best place to post SR20DE stuff for sale and
the almost unanimous response was to just post back to the list. So here

I have a Spec Stage 4 clutch for a SR20DE powered vehicle. Here is a link
with specs.

The pressure plate is about 1000 miles old, I threw it in with a different
disk at first because the stage 4 disk wasn't done yet. By the time I got
the correct disk, I decided to sell the car and put a Nissan key value
clutch back in instead. The disk is brand new, still sealed in the bag. The
pressure plate is 100%, no issues whatsoever.

There are pics of the clutch in this gallery here:

There is minor rust on the surface of the PP but I'll clean that up before I
send it out, it will not effect anything.

Make me an offer, I paid $400 for everything, right now I just need to get
it out of my garage. This is the last lingering Nissan part I own. :)