Turbo 200SX Back on the Road

Lewis Shadoff lshadoff@brazosport.cc.tx.us
Thu, 18 Sep 2003 17:42:40 -0500

I got the car together enough to get it back on the road.  The nitrous
plumbing is installed, and the Profec B boost controller is working.

I still must:
1 - pressure test the nitrous lines
         I made an adaptor for AN4 to air compressor quick fitting
         and will test for leaks at 100# (the max for my compressor).
2 - wire up the solenoid switches.
         I haven't decided, yet where to mount them.  I'm leaning towards
         the front of the console.  I'll wire them so that a light comes
         on when the system is armed, and set the purge valve so that it
         can only be activated when the system is armed.
3 - install the nitrous pressure gauge.
         I have the Teflon Aeroquip line and fittings and will install it
         in the space below the radio next to the Profec B and turbo timer.
         I want to get the nitrous system going first, though.
3 - adjust the boost.
         I ordered an update to the EASE OBD2 Scan software, and as soon
         as it arrives I'll monitor the MAF voltage with my laptop as I
         increase the boost to see how high I can go, .

See my site, below, for the installations and pictures.

There's one problem, though.  I can't pass inspection because the "Ready
Test" fails for the Catalyst, O2 Sensor, and EGR System.  There are no MIL
codes stored.  I checked with the Nissan dealer, and he said that it may
take two weeks of driving around before they are set.  In the meantime, I
have gotten a ticket for an expired inspection sticker and still may have
10 days of driving around to go.  The inspection station has been really
good about it and have run the test three times already (at no additional
cost).  Wish me luck.


Lewis Shadoff
Lake Jackson, TX
'97 200SX SE-R, Level 10 Auto, HotShot turbo