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Briancembor@aol.com Briancembor@aol.com
Mon, 15 Sep 2003 09:11:51 -0500

I have both Ziex and Azenis. there is
DEFINITELY a difference in width. i'll post
a picture tongiht or tomorrow. also in
sidewall stiffness as well. i have the
Ziex as my daily duty tires and the Azenis
as my autox tire. the Ziex are great all around
tire but over grip is compromised with the
softer sidewall for ride comfort. this
tire, Ziex, is great on the highway and made
a decent rally cross tire this weekend
(more on that later).

back to point though.. the Ziex should have
NO problem fitting in that size. if the Azenis
fit (which they do) the Ziex will as they run
almost a 1/2" narrower than Azenis.