Cam matrix

Jon Pennington
Fri, 15 Aug 2003 23:24:36 -0500

joel & viola said:

> K so which is the best to go with when
> you have my set up? GTIR W/ T28 Or

S4s with C-series springs/retainers and adjustable sprockets (to dial-out
overlap).  Teehehehe...

I have no charts to back this up.  I have seen indications that the S4s
with turbos are superior to C1s in real-world scenarios (nothing wrong
with C1s).  I have also seen indications that S-series cams pick up a
couple of HP with C-series springs/retainers versus stock...dunno if this
is because of worn springs or what.  Sprockets are important, though, with
any cam, just to eliminate the slightest risk of detonation due to
excessive chamber temperatures.  They're also useful for dialing the
lag-vs.-HP ratio up or down the RPM band.

This is simply the best guess I came up with after pouring over SE-R and
SR20 archives during 7+ months of unemployment in the last two years,
having nothing better to do with my time than look up turbo data.  YMMV.

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