ceramics(was RE: Forged pistons)

spdracer@mail.utexas.edu spdracer@mail.utexas.edu
Wed, 13 Aug 2003 08:24:28 -0500

> And being that my academic major is Mech Engr
> focused on Systems design, I'm very interested!
> I'd really like to hear or see more on this ceramic engine.

Well, the advantage of ceramic materials would be that they have a very very
low thermal coefficient of expansion; therefore, you could run very very tight
tolerances and theoretically not have to use any lubrication.  Also, they
don't absorb heat so you don't need the cooling system as existing motors do.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong!  I really don't know much about these
Ah, always nice to have more ME's on the list!  And I've had two friends go to
the Air Force Academy.