tranny oil change

Peter Serwe
Tue, 12 Aug 2003 21:14:30 -0500

Slamtry wrote:

> Also, has anyone changed from Dino tranny oil to synthetic at well over
> 140,000 and did they have any problems with leaking seals?

I changed mine from Dino to redline MT-90 at about 130k,
and changed again at 143k when I pulled the tranny, changed
out the seals, clutch, rod bearings, and rear main seal retainer.

As long as you use a GL4, not 3,4,5 synthetic that does NOT
have sulferous additives like Mobil 1does, your brass synchros
will not corrode, and you'll absolutely _love_ the improvement
in shifting.  I'm a big fan of the MT-90, myself, pours like
straight SAE 30, but protects like 90W gear oil.
Gotta love that stuff, actually, it pours more like water.

Makes the whole fill job a lot easier, as well, and cold weather
shifting is smooth as silk.

Peter "Proud member of the broken rear main seal retainer club" Serwe

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