B13 parts catalog on CD - Review

Wayne Cox wmc_sr20@bellsouth.net
Thu, 31 Jul 2003 23:37:13 -0500

Just received my B13 Parts Catalog on CD-Rom from Courtesy Nissan Today and
thought I'd post a little review of it...


Courtesy is selling this for $35.  Nissan publishes the B13 parts list on
microfiche (fairly easy to get a set, had one for 10 years ;) and a
proprietary digital format that requires an expensive Bell & Howell reader.

Apparently, Courtesy has spent the $$$ to have the microfiche (9-98 issue)
scanned and converted to .PDF format.  Nice dedication to the SE-R
community!  Each one of the original 'fiche sheets (10 total) is a single
PDF file of about 12MB.  A nice little HTML front end is provided to pop
them up;  I just copied them all over to the disk for faster direct
access.  Each one has a convenient index tree of its contents  -- much
easier access than then original 'fiche.  This must have required manual
editing, but is well worth it.  Image quality is NOT spectacular, but
legible.  Some squinting required, but the same is true of the 'fiche.  If
you've seen the 'fiche, this is generally much easier viewing.

If you have a B13 and are into swapping parts or ordering from any of the
various mail-order dealerships, this is well worth the $$.

    -Wayne    '91 NX2k - '93 NK2k - '93 SE-R - '92 SE-R parts car