Euro P10 tail light interest

Brittain Conner
Wed, 30 Jul 2003 03:04:54 -0500

Just wanted to get the word out there to all you P10
owners. StradaUSA is interested in making the
european style tail lights that are found on the P10's.
These are the ones that are all clear on top and red
on the bottom (not altezza). It's a chance to get rid of
that ugly amber color if you don't want it. But Strada
needs to have at least 200 P10 owners interested in
buying a set or at least getting them made. They
would sell for about $250 a set and would be a direct
replacement. So if you are interested you need to vote
on the poll on so we can make this happen.
Thanks guys.

Brit Conner
93 P10

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