CAP smog program in CA (was Re: Need foglight retaining clip for Classic.)

Sat, 26 Jul 2003 23:48:15 -0500

Nope, if you fail at a Test Only place, you are automatically eligible for
the benefits I mentioned. Only you had better hurry. The guy who installed
my cat said his shop had not been paid for two months and they were sure
the state would be pulling the plug on the whole scheme soon, what with
the $40 billion dollar budget deficit and all.


>I thought you had to meet certain requirements to qualify for the
>state assistance to pass smog...  like make $5000 a year.. :P  Plus you
>have to call all these government phone numbers and sit through recorded
>messages... I spent more than $100 on making my car pass smog and that
>was before the damn cat I got for free.  Shit.  How did you get that?