Stromung Muffler

Peter Serwe
Fri, 25 Jul 2003 17:45:17 -0500

I just slapped my 'new to me' Stromung muffler on,
after running around town with my old one just hanging
where it should have been attached.

I know the ear dyno is a little off, after listening
to a stock resonator only exhaust for the last
couple weeks, but it sounds great, hardly any
louder than my stock muffler sounded, IIRC.

And the butt dyno says it feels _really_ good,
just putting it on *seems* to have restored
some torque that *seemed* to have been lost
as a result of no muffler.

Almost forgot to mention, fitment was a NO
brainer.  It hooked into the stock hangers better
than the old rusted hangers came out.

Peter Serwe <>
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