Shigspeed Suspension v. GC/AGX's

Raymond A. Kawski
Thu, 24 Jul 2003 21:06:34 -0500

Just got back from doing a back to back test drive of my NX
w. 350f/300r and AGX's and Kieran's car with Shigspeed and
I think 370f/300r I know its more then 350f but not
positive since it's metric.

Anyhow the Shighspeed soaks up bumps like *NO* tommorrow.
I had to raise my NX as high as I could with the 7" springs
to even come close to the dampening of the Shigspeed
setup.  In the front my NX has no more threads to raise the
car and the rear I have about 3/4" left.

As for handling I can definitely feel what Mike talks about
as the odd loose feeling the B14's have in the rear.
Otherwise both setups seem to take twisties quite well.
However my NX has a little more grip with the Azenis' vs.
bald SP5000's on Kieran's car.

Kieran's car feels really strong especially with the temps probably in the 60's right now.